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The Myth of “The Little Things”

Recently I’ve been in situations that have caused me to think long and hard about “relationship stuff”. Beliefs, sayings, quotes, etc. There are many beliefs out there, plenty that are contradictory even, that people swear by. Some I hear more often than others. Some I subscribe to, some I have no place for.  One that has stuck out to me recently though,  is the saying “The Little Things”

little things

The Little Things. Many people call these the things that , I suppose are the ones that don’t take much effort. Making coffee for your Life Partner in the mornings. Aiding in helping with the kids find socks, if there are any kids. Doing things not because you were asked ( or even if you are) that just make life a little easier or show you care, like washing dishes. Shoveling snow. Scrapping ice off the car before they leave  in the morning for work. Randomly checking tire tread and pressure, pumping the gas, Calling home while you are out and about , not shopping for the house, but still to ask is there is anything needed. Clearing a spot for them to eat. Offering the last available TV tray. Refilling the sugar (so it’s indeed available for the coffee you made) Making sure the mugs are cleaned to be used,  taking on additional chores just because you know you Life Partner is busy, or tired, or sick, or just doesn’t want to do it. So many ” Little Things”.

People often say it’s not the big ( money, cars, gifts) that matter most, but the “Little Things”.

I have observed TWO major myths to this. As being someone who is really good at these Little Things and the results  that has brought. Which sadly, not much success lately.

The first myth is that it is  “The Little Things” that count the most. FALSE. The little things only count when they appreciated. It seems that, once they become “old hat”, they no longer hold the weight they once did. If they ever held much weight at all. It seems that these “Little Things” become “Invisible Things”. They become the things unseen, the things that no longer matter. I find this anomaly interesting to say the least because, after all, it’s the LITTLE THINGS that supposedly count! Sadly forgotten though when the money runs low, or the arguments happen over the less desirable  “Other Things”. I guess the other things are the things that don’t matter because they are not the LITTLE THINGS, but now they are the ONLY THINGS that count. How does this happen? I’m not completely sure. But it has been an interesting, often sad event to study up close. When the “Other Things” start to become the “Only Things” that count, and the LITTLE THINGS that all the people of the world quote are what matters, simply, cease to matter all together. When the few “Other Things” somehow begin to outweigh the dozens of “Little Things”. When the cons, no matter how few, become more important than pros, no matter how abundant those pros may be.

The second myth is more of a misnomer to me. The fact that these little things are called LITTLE THINGS boggles my mind.  If we approach them being little things because they cost little and don’t take much effort, that most definitely needs to be revisited. Because, in my opinion, it is these very LITTLE THINGS that make up the FIber of the relationship! It’s the motor oil that keeps the gears running. You never see the oil because it’s  in the oil pan. But without this precious liquid, the entire engine to your car would lock up and cease to work. The car, in essence..dies. The oil change is one of the cheapest most effortless things you can have done to your car, yet arguably one of the most important things you can have to sustain the life of the vehicle. So are these so called “Little Things” that happen day by day, week by week, month by month, in your relationship with your Life Partner.

I’m amazed that these day by day little things are considered the ones that take the least effort. I suppose that really depends on what you consider, and also how you measure, effort. For instance. Making coffee for you partner in the mornings. Small effort right? But what if that partner, who struggles to get up in the mornings, has to get up earlier to make that coffee? Is that still “little effort”? By whose measurement? Scrapping the car of ice in the mornings? Well, that partner also has to scrape their own car. So what was a ten minute activity, is now a 20 minute activity, in the cold weather,  that runs the risk of the partner doing the scrapping being late to work with it. Is this still considered a little thing, because it doesn’t take much money to accomplish it? Shoveling during a blizzard so that nobody in the house gets stuck. Cost money? Nope. Just painful, tiring, and downright hard to do. A little thing? I don’t know. I’m no expert. Just a student.  But what I do now suspect,  is it seems  the LITTLE THINGS sure do add up, which should make them the HUGE THINGS no?

The poor Little Things. They tend to get the shitty end of the stick. Loved and Adored ( kind of the like the individual sometimes) in the beginning of the relationship, but ignored when those pesky few  “Other Things” come up. Like a middle child. Or the Life Partner who needs to be portrayed as unworthy of the fight. These “Little Things” must be forgotten as to be convinced they are no longer worth the effort.


The Reality of the System of White Privilege

The Reality of the System of White Privilege.

Still Little Brother

Let’s get this straight.

1. Sparty is still Little Brother. Little Brother is FOREVER.  Unless by some miracle the overall record flips, it won’t be changed. Michigan  leads the series by an UNDENIABLE  margin. Michigan leads the series 68–33–5. MICHIGAN also has more trophies ( 35–24–2 ). Little Brother isn’t changing anytime soon. Just accept it.Image

2. Sparty’s football team is better than University of Michigan’s is right now. BUT, the key is, it took an entire break down of the program to accomplish this. After RIch Rod ravished the program, UM has been in a consistent rebuilding phase undoing what he did, and rebuilding a completely different system. First, UM had to finish out the Shoelace era. Now, they are transitioning to prostyle. There is no consistency. Yet. Hoke, likely will fix that in the next two seasons. If not, he will likely lose his job. MICHIGAN MONEY isn’t going to put up with losing to OHIO much longer. 


In simplest terms, Sparty doesn’t want to talk about history of the squads. They don’t want to be called little brother but UM has been good longer than they have. Undeniable. Winningest record. Undeniable. Rose Bowl appearances..undeniable. Is Sparty a better team now? Yes. But who isn’t??? Point being, whenever UM was good, the nod went to UM the majority of the time. Again, undeniable. Nobody with sense says Sparty isn’t fielding the better squad now.  I could also give them props for their coaching up players. Their coaching staff has a knack for coaching up recruits. But to get upset and diss the history is pathetic. Enjoy what you are doing, but don’t try to act like the past doesn’t exist because you are having a period of success..FINALLY. It took a total breakdown of the University of Michigan football program  to do it. 

College football success goes in waves. Right now, the wave is flowing in Sparty’s favor. University of Michigan is not fielding good football teams. In an era where Appalachian State and Toledo have beaten MICHIGAN, Sparty damn sure ought too right?  Especially since they are continuously crying about what bowl games they are not being invited to. (Which only enhances the little brother position, not even the rest of the BCS respects you enough to give you the games you wish to be featured in) 

If Sparty is able to keep this up (being a good football team) then when UM gets back on track, we can see on a more uniform playing field if anything has really changed. ( or at least if things are starting to change) 

Until then, accept your role.

Little Brother. 

Michigan Falls, But It’s Not All Bad.

I know there are no moral victories. Especially in a loss as large in score differential as this game. But there are some things that Wolverine fans can take from this and hope the team builds on during the season.

First off, when Denard actually ran, he did fine. He hasn’t lost a step. Also, Denard was only sacked once in the game. This says to me that he was getting some decent protection from the line against a championship Bama team.

Someone wrote that Alabama turned Denard into a Pocket Passer in this game. I disagree that Bama turned Denard into a pocket passer. What I saw was: Hoke knew that Bama prepared for Denard so he called pocket passer plays. The problem with this is he didn’t force Bama to prove they actually prepped  well for Denard. Look at every drive that there were plays called for Denard to RUN. The Wolverines did BETTER on those drives. I can’t help but to wonder if Hoke had been brave enough to test the waters, rather than ASSUME Bama could stop Denard how different the score might have been overall.

The other things I will say is this: If you pay attention, we know Hoke wants a Pro Style offense and wants to get away from the spread and option.With that said, I believe that Hoke had already planned on playing the game exactly as he did: by leaving Denard in the pocket.  Problem is, Denard’s arm is not accurate enough to do that. Even though it is early, Denard looked the same as he did last season and that does not sit well with me. The Pro Style ball won’t work with a Passer who is not accurate.

This will remain a problem until Denard is gone and we use a QB more suited for Pro Style type play.

Unless Hoke does something he doesn’t want to do: Admit that Denard is a spread QB that was recruited for that style and that allowing him to play that style is the only way Denard and UM will be successful. If Hoke is going to continue being stubborn and prepare for NEXT YEAR by forcing a pro style offense, it will be a long season for Wolverine fans.

If MSU beats University of Michigan, It Still Doesn’t Amount To Much.

I have listened to Spartan fans over the last few seasons and I find it utterly ridiculous that so many of them seem to think it’s a big deal that they have beaten the Wolverines 3 years in a row. They want this “respect” that has alluded them for most of their program’s existence.

Hate to break it to you (well actually I don’t) but even if you win today’s game, you still won’t get much respect.

Let me clear a few things up. 1. Michigan is Michigan State’s biggest rival. 2. Ohio State is Michigan’s biggest rival. Michigan is Ohio State’s biggest rival.

See, State just doesn’t really fit into the mix. Michigan just doesn’t care. And not many others do either.

The thing is, State hasn’t been good enough, long enough to matter to these programs with such long and rich history.

Spartys desperately want to matter. Even if it means trying to play dominate just because you beat Michigan teams that have been way off their tradition of winning. You can’t measure your program against a team that had the worst defense in the nation!

But this is what Sparty Nation has tried to do.

Why don’t they understand it just isn’t a big deal when you beat a team everyone else who means anything beats too?

When has Sparty ever consistently dominated Michigan when Michigan was dominating other teams? When has Sparty beaten Michigan during a great season? Even a good season?

Not much.

You just are not there yet. And honestly, probably won’t be in any of Sparty fans’ lifetimes.

You just don’t have the history.


Truth is, if Sparty wins, it will only be a big deal to Sparty and those who have ignored that Michigan hasn’t played anyone and has not been good in three years.

If Michigan wins, all the world will rejoice, because most people (including those in the state of Michigan) love Michigan more. That’s just how it is.

Stop trying so hard Sparty. Be good. Be really good. Measure your team on your overall success, not on beating bad teams and then maybe…just maybe, you will earn some respect.

Not The “Same Ole Lions”

So the Lions are 5-0. For me, this is something that I have not been able to say in my lifetime. Nor have any of my friends and associates in my age range. For those of us who have rooted for the Detroit Lions for as long as we can remember, this is a feeling that we haven’t had the opportunity to experience before. Sure we remember when the Lions went 6-2, but somehow, those wins were less…convincing. Everyone keeps waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under them. Fans were expecting to wake up and find that it was all a dream.

That’s exactly what happened. 







But this time, it’s different. THIS time, they really are not the “Same ole Lions”

You can feel it. The league must be feeling it too, because at the end of last season, when Detroit went on it’s end of the season four win tear, we fans and the sports media were already discussing the possibility of a Monday Night game. When the schedule was released, we were rewarded with more than that. A preseason Patriots match as well as a Packer Thanksgiving day game was on the menu.

And the LIONS were ready to feast. And Feast they have. So far.

This time, it’s different. We were given a Monday Night game (the first in a decade) against a division rival that we won comfortably against a team that seems to have had our number. We have had two 20 point deficit comebacks in the 2 weeks prior to Monday Night Football, and we are undefeated. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is having a career season and Matthew Stafford is still healthy. Jahvid Best just had the most productive game to date and our Defense is far better than anyone expected it to be. Because of the defensive front everyone expected (or prayed) would keep us in games, the secondary has benefited and not everyone teams deep pass play against us is a guaranteed big gain.


And we are no longer the butt of every football joke. Those few who try not to respect us end up looking downright silly. Just like Tillman of the Bears did when he tried to stop Best.

No folks. This is not the same team you are used to watching blow games they should win. Penalizing themselves into losses. Giving up huge plays downfield. Giving up when the going gets tough.

Instead, we have faced adversity, we have looked at it as an opportunity to dig deep and show just how different we are.

And we have prevailed.

The part I enjoy the most? EXPECTING to win. Even when we are losing.

How exciting is that? When can you say you have felt that way before?

These are the NEW Detroit Lions. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

What The Current Detroit Poetry Scene Looks Like To Me. Pt. 1

What The Current Detroit Poetry Scene Looks Like To Me. Pt. 1.