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Re: Gabourey Sidibe and Howard Stern’s Statements

March 14, 2010

1. Is the chick who played Precious Fat? Yes
2. Is the chick who played Precious Black? Yes
3. Is the chick who played Precious a woman/chick? Yes

So why then is everyone getting upset that Howard Stern referred to her as such saying that it is racist? They are not racist statements, they are the truth. Sorry all you overly sensitive people, but your girl was picked to play the role of Precious for those exact reasons!!

I have a few issues with this whole situation of the statements Stern said on his show (along with Robyn) and people being upset about it.

First off, every time someone says what people consider a “negative” statement about someone who isn’t white does not make it racist. Black people are not perfect. Just because a white person points that out does not make said white person a racist.

Secondly, Stern made statements referring to Gabourey killing herself because of her weight, saying that her being that big is like suicide. NEWSFLASH PEOPLE! SHE IS FAT! HUGE!!!! They did not get Angela Basset, or Nia Long or Halle Berry to play the character for a reason. They were casting for a certain type and she fits the bill. She is humungous. I am willing to bet that if Gabourey went to the doctor she would be considered obese, likely morbidly obese. She is as big if not bigger than contestants on the Biggest Loser. That is NOT a HEALTHY weight. Blacks suffer from weight related issues like heart problems and diabetes at an alarming rate. FACT. So why are people offended when he says it? Because he is a white shock jock. I don’t care if you don’t like him, it doesn’t make his statements less relevant.

Third, Stern said that Gabourey won’t get any more roles after Precious. Well, although quickly proven wrong (she already has two roles, including a character on a Showtime piece) I am not upset about that assumption either. When you saw the movie or the girl who starred in it, what did you picture her doing next? Honestly? How many roles are being written in Hollywood for fat black chicks? (How many starring roles are being written for black women period?) There just are not many. Which means, even if we see her in more movies, they probably won’t be characters like a highly intelligent psychologist trying to figure out why her thoughts are haunted by one of the inmates, or the beautiful leading lady who is also an adventurist in Cuba, or an action hero, or even, sorry to say it, the beautiful leading lady ( if they try to force this, she won’t be taken seriously)

Black people kill me!! Stop trying to act like you don’t talk about people all the time. Men, how many women have you dated that look like Gabourey? Does your son have her poster up on his wall wishing she was his girlfriend? Ladies, do you watch her wishing you could get your body to look like hers? Is that what you are going for as you kill yourself in the gym? I didn’t think so. We as a nation, laugh at people who look like her, all the time. Now you want to get holier than thou because a white man said something you probably were already thinking? Oh wait, so now you all are pro fat? GTFOOH!!!!

Look, fact is that people who fit Gabourey’s description are not seen in very many successful movies in Hollywood. Typically there are not many quality roles written for someone who looks the way she does. Do not come back with the weak statements saying Oprah was successful or Mo’Nique was successful. You could name ten, twenty fat black women that are in  Hollywood. I will name you another 100-150 white woman. That’s Hollywood. Don’t hate the messenger.

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