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A Society of Love and Forgiveness….NOT

April 21, 2010

So recently I viewed the Oprah episode with Mo’Nique’s brother admitting that he sexually abused his sister. I found this to have been an interesting episode. I was, however, disgusted by the publics reaction to his confession.

Let it be noted that the reactions I am referring to were on twitter. The reactions were very ugly in my opinion. Most of the posts were statements calling this man a monster and such. Maybe it’s me, but when did we start calling 13 year old kids monsters? When he stated that he was 13 when it started my first thought was not monster, rather, my word, why would a 13 year old do that? What was wrong? What drove him to do such a thing other than youthful curiosity?

He quickly answered my question. This guy was a kid and was on drugs at a very very young age, and had also been abused himself by more than one person as a child.

I am disappointed, but not surprised, at all the judgmental people who started “throwing stones” at this man and his family. One person tweeted “why did they let him back in the house?” Really? You have to ask why a mother let her son back home?

There were also some other things i found rather disturbing about the way this information came out. The fact that Mo’Nique announced this to the public before sitting down and having a long talk with her family seems cruel to me. Do I understand that she was abused? Yes, and that is a horrible thing. At the same time, to just up and one day strike your brother from your life after years of being cool with him had to be confusing for him and the family as well. To in a sense, be watching tv one day and hear your family member announce to America that she was abused had to hit hard. I find it unsettling that their families dirty laundry was aired that way. I am curious as to Mo’Nique’s motivation to come out years later and out her family on blast without warning. People are quick to try to say that her brother is somehow trying to capitalize on her fame. That doesn’t make much sense. But what makes sense to me is Mo’Nique possibly trying to boost her own career by making such an announcement in Essense magazine before she was as famous as she is now.

Why did she announce to the world this abuse before at least warning her parents?

Why is she not speaking to her parents?

Why did she get angry years and years after it happened?

Yes, I have questions for Mo’Nique because there seems to be a lot more to the story here.

I also have a big issue with people judging. According to Christianity we are all born into sin and no sin weighs heavier than another. If her brother was a monster, we all are monsters.

Let me say, it is sad what happened to Mo’Nique. I also know that abuse is more prevalent than we like to admit and that her situation is definitely not unique. But I do not like the judgmental way that people responded as though they are all perfect. I also believe there is so much more to the story that we do not know.

Oh yeah, and are we not supposed to be a people of love and forgiveness? Last time I checked throwing accusations and hurling out names didn’t help the healing process.

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