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0-2 LIONS. What’s the Problem THIS Time?

September 21, 2010

So the Detroit LIONS are 0-2. This as we all know by now could easily have been 2-0 if not for a few “process issues” and defensive collapses that occurred during and at the end of games. Whereas some fans are deciding that a major problem is the fact that Stafford is out, I am not so sure I buy that as the issue.

I am not so convinced that Stafford would make a huge difference. I think Stafford only had about 80 yards when he left in game 1. The play calling had been very conservative as well up to the point, and the LIONS were not moving prior to his injury. The offense had been very quiet that entire first half.
Where has Calvin “Megatron” Johnson been?
I like trying to use Calvin Johnson in big play situations, but it’s always in obvious situations like “we need a td right now and we are 25 yards away lets throw it high to CJ in the endzone and hope for the best”. I don’t like that! It makes it too easy and obvious to cover him. Burleson was also invisible in game one, so not sure how much difference he would have made in game 2. I know the IDEA of what Nate and Calvin SHOULD be able to do. I was a cheerleader of both of theirs on the offseason. But Calvin has done nothing but disappoint me. His numbers suck for a “number 1” WR. Im starting to believe it may be HIM and not the qbs. On the end of my opinion starting to form on CJ, I hear that he indeed is not a good route   listening to a local radio show here in Detroit. This possibly confirms a suspicion I had but could not address because they don’t show that part on tv.
Calvin is not getting open.
It was only game one at the time  that Stafford got hurt ,but, the LIONS have to be better on a whole. The play calling has got to open up. It always seems to me that the LIONS change coaches but never the playbook. I hate the playbook. Haven’t been excited about it since Mike Martz left. We need more shots downfield, and I don’t mean just  2-3 yards. Some of the aggressive calls didn’t work out this past week, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying them. It’s just the beginning. Keep showing the confidence in your offense and it will work out in the longer run because them knowing their coach believes they can make the cutch play when needed should boost their confidence.
With the shaky performances of the Vikings these past  two weeks, I see game 3 to be just as winnable as the first two games of the season, even if it is against the Vikings on the road. Right now, the Vikings are very exposed and we have shown an ability even with the back up Shaun Hill to be able to score big points. Let’s see how this plays out.

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  1. The Lions will get it together eventually..Maybe they need a better offensive coordinator…

    • Possibly. The playbook seems lackluster to me. Very conservative and predictable. They always run on first down unless playing for the comeback. I understand this is to “establish the run” but it leads to too many 3 and outs and the defense is always looking for it. So we end up wasting 2 downs off rip with running and essentially are only playing 2 down drives.

  2. I recorded the game against Philly and am watching it now. I notice that they really moved the ball well on that first drive with a nice combination of passing and running. Will have to see what happened that made them stop moving the ball.

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