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Why You Shouldn’t Give a Damn About Wacka Flacka and His Bad Interview

October 7, 2010

Very quick thoughts on the BET video that has been circulating with Wacka Flacka talking about Education and Voting. I have heard people totally dog this man about the way he sounds. Both people who spoke about him sounding “dumb” also mentioned that kids are exposed to this man. Here is what I have to say about that.

1. There are many people who are uneducated and or simply do not speak well, especially live. Is this interview a product of him not being prepped, being uneducated or both? Also, why do we judge celebrities (entertainers/sports figures) much harsher than those who are not in the public eye? I’m sure his entire crew sounds like him. Apparently, he has at least enough wits to realize that he sounded whack, which is why he was like we need to redo this!
2. I won’t sit here and judge him. That is unproductive.
3. The issue is not simply “kids look up to him”. If your children look up to him, that is partly YOUR fault. Parents, take responsibility for what you child is exposed to, instead of taking the lazy route and saying what He should do to better himself. He is doing HIM. And getting paid to be a performer. Not be educated. Not teach your kids. Not be a role model. Parents should be the role model, and/or expose your child to who you think is worthy.
4. On that note, society pushes entertainers as role models. Why? because they are in the public eye? SO! There is no rule or regulation saying you have to be educated, intelligent, or a responsible person to be a public figure.

I’m not excusing his lack of book smarts per sey. But it really has nothing to do with ME directly. Nor would it have anything to do with MY kids. I am all for education, but I won’t dog someone whose circumstances may have taken them in a different direction. Nor will I let my child look up to such an individual because MY standards won’t allow it.

Right after writing this, i found this link. It is Wacka Flacka saying that he actually chooses to play dumb. Interesting.

Wacka claims he \”can play stupid\” on camera.

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