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Sorry Sparty, Michigan State Still Has a Long Way to Go

October 15, 2010

So, Michigan State beat Michigan for the third year in a row. This was no surprise, at least not to me. What I don’t understand is how it comes as a surprise to anyone else. Michigan had the worst defense coming into the game. Anyone who actually pays attention to college football (and not just WINS and LOSES) knows this. In my opinion, Michigan was the underdog and has been for the last three years. I don’t expect a whole lot from a team that is still in transition and has obviously had so many holes in defense coming into that game. I am not here however to discuss the game. Michigan State won. All over the place. No doubt about it. It wasn’t a close call. And although I think if a few balls were thrown differently, a few play calls made were different, it could have actually been a closer game,  but it wasn’t. I don’t dispute that at all.



I am however very perturbed at the State fans and the nation somehow regarding beating a Michigan team with no defense as a “Program Changer” for the Michigan State Spartans. This entire belief has baffled me before the game and after. Michigan State beating Michigan has no significance in deciding if Michigan State’s program is now “for real”. I understand the concept behind the thought pattern. Michigan has been the dominant football force in Big Ten college football for a long time. The team to beat. Then Ohio State became the dominant football presence here with Michigan being a close second. Some might argue Michigan was still the better team when looking at bowl performances, but the Big Ten title was differently up for grabs usually between Ohio State and University of Michigan. So now Michigan State beats Michigan three years in a row. The dominant Michigan football program has not been able to beat Ohio State or Michigan State the last three years. This must mean that State is now the dominant program at least between Michigan and State correct?


Not even close Spartans..sorry.

Actually I’m not. But, ya know..I’m just saying.

Michigan State beating Michigan three times in a row does prove something though. It proves that…wait for it…that Michigan State beat Michigan three times in a row. THAT’S IT.  NOTHING MORE.

“How can you say that?” “You  must be a Wal-Mart Wolverine for saying something that absurd!”
Or my personal favorite… “You’re just a HATER!!”

I assure you, I am not a hater. I actually didn’t have anything against State or its fans until the last three years when State fans starting talking soooo much crap because their football team beat Michigan. Smak talk is fine, but name calling and the like was just a show of how desperate State has been to beat Michigan and now they can’t control themselves. Well, to that I say…grow up. But I digress. The point is that beating Michigan the last three years really doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of Big Ten College football, or nationally for that matter. And it is because of one simple reason. Michigan isn’t currently, nor have they been for the last three years, a good football team. As I said in my blog before the game last week, State beat at team that lost to Toledo and Appalachian State! If State had not beaten Michigan, it would have been a more embarrassing occurrence than Michigan losing. Michigan is a team in transition. It has taken 2 years for recruiting and experience on offense to come to fruition. And Denard is still young. This has the potential to be a major turning point for Michigan offense or a major upset. I am hoping for the former.
But Michigan still has no  defense. Only the offense has been worked on. The defense has gotten progressively worse. It is the worst defense in college football! I don’t think anyone who respects the game would ever say a team with a good offense (that hasn’t been tested yet) and a horrible defense is a great team.  Michigan hasn’t been GREAT these last three years and no one can expect them to be. So if a team beats another team that is less than great, how can they be considered great themselves? To be the best don’t you have to BEAT the BEST? Isn’t that how it’s always been? Or at least beat some really good teams along your journey to greatness?

If that is the case, than how does that rule change now that State has beaten bad Michigan teams? Spartan fans can’t say Michigan sucks, and then beat us and say “now the Spartans are a splendid team” because we beat Michigan. That doesn’t add up. It doesn’t  make any sense! Either you are a great team now because you beat a great Michigan team and had a successful season or you beat a bad Michigan team and are no better  a team this week than you were before.

Spartan fans who are so emotionally hyped up on hating Michigan and their own “little brother” status can’t seem to grasp this concept. You are either dumb or just emotionally high. But how do you justify your belief that you as a program now should get some sort of respect when you are still on the losing end of the rivalry by a tremendous 36 games?? When you are notorious for starting strong and finishing on the skids and losing in bowl games? When you don’t play Ohio State consistently and when you do play them, you lose? You haven’t beaten Ohio State since 1999.

Sure it’s been a long time since Michigan beat them, but it’s been even LONGER for State.

All you have done is beat bad Michigan teams three years in a row. (ok two years they were bad, this year they are ok.)

State did not build their team up to the level of Michigan’s program. Michigan’s program fell down to theirs.

And the season isn’t even near over yet. We still don’t know if State will finish the season strong, or falter as usual. My money is on the finishing. They have a good team. They have an easy schedule. They played a horrible Michigan D and a young  first year starting QB, and they don’t play Ohio State.  The football stars are aligned in  favor of State running the table. They better. And they better do it with gusto if they want any respect in my opinion. This is a must.

I am not saying Michigan State isn’t a good team. From what I have seen they are well-balanced on offense and defense. They are a good team and most definitely better than Michigan is right now. But nothing State  has done yet has solidified a position to even begin being compared to the legacy of The University of  Michigan program.

Even if they finish the season with a perfect record you have to evaluate who they played on that schedule. It will go down in history as a perfect season, but it will be far  less than magical.

Please stop this discussion. Focus on winning out the easy schedule and winning your bowl game. Think about legacy further down the line. Waaaay further down. PLEASE.

To BE the BEST you have to BEAT the BEST.

Sorry Spartys, but you have done nothing of the sort.

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