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If MSU beats University of Michigan, It Still Doesn’t Amount To Much.

October 15, 2011

I have listened to Spartan fans over the last few seasons and I find it utterly ridiculous that so many of them seem to think it’s a big deal that they have beaten the Wolverines 3 years in a row. They want this “respect” that has alluded them for most of their program’s existence.

Hate to break it to you (well actually I don’t) but even if you win today’s game, you still won’t get much respect.

Let me clear a few things up. 1. Michigan is Michigan State’s biggest rival. 2. Ohio State is Michigan’s biggest rival. Michigan is Ohio State’s biggest rival.

See, State just doesn’t really fit into the mix. Michigan just doesn’t care. And not many others do either.

The thing is, State hasn’t been good enough, long enough to matter to these programs with such long and rich history.

Spartys desperately want to matter. Even if it means trying to play dominate just because you beat Michigan teams that have been way off their tradition of winning. You can’t measure your program against a team that had the worst defense in the nation!

But this is what Sparty Nation has tried to do.

Why don’t they understand it just isn’t a big deal when you beat a team everyone else who means anything beats too?

When has Sparty ever consistently dominated Michigan when Michigan was dominating other teams? When has Sparty beaten Michigan during a great season? Even a good season?

Not much.

You just are not there yet. And honestly, probably won’t be in any of Sparty fans’ lifetimes.

You just don’t have the history.


Truth is, if Sparty wins, it will only be a big deal to Sparty and those who have ignored that Michigan hasn’t played anyone and has not been good in three years.

If Michigan wins, all the world will rejoice, because most people (including those in the state of Michigan) love Michigan more. That’s just how it is.

Stop trying so hard Sparty. Be good. Be really good. Measure your team on your overall success, not on beating bad teams and then maybe…just maybe, you will earn some respect.

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