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Michigan Falls, But It’s Not All Bad.

September 2, 2012

I know there are no moral victories. Especially in a loss as large in score differential as this game. But there are some things that Wolverine fans can take from this and hope the team builds on during the season.

First off, when Denard actually ran, he did fine. He hasn’t lost a step. Also, Denard was only sacked once in the game. This says to me that he was getting some decent protection from the line against a championship Bama team.

Someone wrote that Alabama turned Denard into a Pocket Passer in this game. I disagree that Bama turned Denard into a pocket passer. What I saw was: Hoke knew that Bama prepared for Denard so he called pocket passer plays. The problem with this is he didn’t force Bama to prove they actually prepped  well for Denard. Look at every drive that there were plays called for Denard to RUN. The Wolverines did BETTER on those drives. I can’t help but to wonder if Hoke had been brave enough to test the waters, rather than ASSUME Bama could stop Denard how different the score might have been overall.

The other things I will say is this: If you pay attention, we know Hoke wants a Pro Style offense and wants to get away from the spread and option.With that said, I believe that Hoke had already planned on playing the game exactly as he did: by leaving Denard in the pocket.  Problem is, Denard’s arm is not accurate enough to do that. Even though it is early, Denard looked the same as he did last season and that does not sit well with me. The Pro Style ball won’t work with a Passer who is not accurate.

This will remain a problem until Denard is gone and we use a QB more suited for Pro Style type play.

Unless Hoke does something he doesn’t want to do: Admit that Denard is a spread QB that was recruited for that style and that allowing him to play that style is the only way Denard and UM will be successful. If Hoke is going to continue being stubborn and prepare for NEXT YEAR by forcing a pro style offense, it will be a long season for Wolverine fans.

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