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Still Little Brother

November 4, 2013

Let’s get this straight.

1. Sparty is still Little Brother. Little Brother is FOREVER.  Unless by some miracle the overall record flips, it won’t be changed. Michigan  leads the series by an UNDENIABLE  margin. Michigan leads the series 68–33–5. MICHIGAN also has more trophies ( 35–24–2 ). Little Brother isn’t changing anytime soon. Just accept it.Image

2. Sparty’s football team is better than University of Michigan’s is right now. BUT, the key is, it took an entire break down of the program to accomplish this. After RIch Rod ravished the program, UM has been in a consistent rebuilding phase undoing what he did, and rebuilding a completely different system. First, UM had to finish out the Shoelace era. Now, they are transitioning to prostyle. There is no consistency. Yet. Hoke, likely will fix that in the next two seasons. If not, he will likely lose his job. MICHIGAN MONEY isn’t going to put up with losing to OHIO much longer. 


In simplest terms, Sparty doesn’t want to talk about history of the squads. They don’t want to be called little brother but UM has been good longer than they have. Undeniable. Winningest record. Undeniable. Rose Bowl appearances..undeniable. Is Sparty a better team now? Yes. But who isn’t??? Point being, whenever UM was good, the nod went to UM the majority of the time. Again, undeniable. Nobody with sense says Sparty isn’t fielding the better squad now.  I could also give them props for their coaching up players. Their coaching staff has a knack for coaching up recruits. But to get upset and diss the history is pathetic. Enjoy what you are doing, but don’t try to act like the past doesn’t exist because you are having a period of success..FINALLY. It took a total breakdown of the University of Michigan football program  to do it. 

College football success goes in waves. Right now, the wave is flowing in Sparty’s favor. University of Michigan is not fielding good football teams. In an era where Appalachian State and Toledo have beaten MICHIGAN, Sparty damn sure ought too right?  Especially since they are continuously crying about what bowl games they are not being invited to. (Which only enhances the little brother position, not even the rest of the BCS respects you enough to give you the games you wish to be featured in) 

If Sparty is able to keep this up (being a good football team) then when UM gets back on track, we can see on a more uniform playing field if anything has really changed. ( or at least if things are starting to change) 

Until then, accept your role.

Little Brother. 

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